Best Celebrity Rings

Ovals, pears, blues and pinks are unconventional styles and colours that are trending big time! Here are the most popular engagement ring styles embraced by popular celebs.


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

The popular ‘Baby’, singer Justin Bieber is finally married to his not-so-long time girlfriend, Hailey Bieber. We can’t stop obsessing over her enormous oval diamond sitting on a majestic gold band. We have noticed that celebs always want to stand out and try new trends which is why we think Justin decided to go for an oval cut ring instead of the traditional round cut diamond ring to propose.


Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka

Paris Hilton wasn’t quite ready to settle down which is why she called it off with Chris. However, the 20-carat diamond ring is still worth talking about! The engagement ring is worth 2 million dollars and is a pear-shaped diamond with more diamonds embellished around the centre stone. This engagement ring was literally dripping diamonds!


Cardi B & Offset

Cardi was proposed by rapper Offset a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring worth a whopping half a million dollars! Well Cardi B like it like THIS! The 8-carat diamond engagement ring is pear-shaped with numerous diamond embellishments in various settings. The new mama claims there is a huge wedding on the way!


Megan Markle & Prince Harry

This wedding was the most anticipated wedding of all. The Royals as they are never displayed fancy and showy jewellery bling like the celebs. The band was yellow gold because it is Meghan’s favourite with a 5-carat diamond as a centre stone. It also consisted of small diamond embellishments, altogether the ring was a 6.5-carat diamond engagement ring.


Gwyneth Paltrow & Brad Falchuk

Gwyneth Paltrow married her longtime boyfriend Brad Falchuk in the Hamptons during the fall. Paltrow displayed her stunning sapphire engagement ring which is pretty similar to Princess Diana’s ring. a lovely fall Hamptons wedding. According to diamond experts, the ring may be around 10-13 carats and is worth more than $500,000.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan a.k.a. Big John is a witty bridal jewelry designer with a charasmatic personality that will leave you in awe. John aspires to have his own jewelry boutique in Ohio. He has been previliged to work with some of the leading bridal jewelry design brands like Bvlgari, Harry Winston & more.