Bridal Set Rings

Planning your wedding requires many important decisions and facing many challenges. Even choosing your jewellery becomes a major task. Hence, the bridal set is a great option for our modern brides. Here are a few reasons why brides must consider bridal sets over individual jewellery items.


  1. Ideal Design

  2. The bridal jewellery set is created with the intention of wearing every jewellery piece together. When you purchase a wedding ring you have to consider whether or not it will complement the engagement ring when you wear them together. Just like the happy couple the jewellery pieces of the bridal sets are meant to be together. The design, style, and pattern are developed in such a way that when they are paired together they create a single fashion statement.


  3. Simple & Hassle-Free

  4. Choosing the engagement ring becomes so difficult especially for first-time jewellery buyers, imagine the responsibility of purchasing every single item of jewellery that a bride is meant to wear. Making sure the designs, patterns and styles match and complement each other is extremely difficult and time consuming. Imagine the relief you get when you know the best jewellers have put together the perfect combination according to your personal taste and style, you know nothing can go wrong!


  5. Cost Effective

  6. You can save a substantial amount of money by opting for these bridal sets. There can be a better package deal for all the jewellery items. Weddings can get really expensive, so saving even a small amount of money counts!


  7. Comfortable

  8. Rings that are created to be worn together obviously fit the same and are comfortable to wear. In many cases, different rings fit differently which may seem uncomfortable. They tend to move and shift and sometime even pinch the skin! You are constantly worried one of the rings have fallen off! These factors can really bother the bride and cause discomfort. However, all these annoying factors can be eliminated if you opt for bridal sets.


  9. Aesthetics

  10. Bridal sets are artwork and include a tiny bit of architecture. These jewellery sets can be considered as a plan that is laid out only for beauty, grace and overall aesthetics.

    There are various patterns available in bridal sets. Many jewellers offer the option of customizing your own bridal set. You ask for exceptional designs and silhouettes. You can also opt for geometrically shaped stones for a statement look. If you are a modern bride but want to keep the traditional factor too then play with the designs and colours a little keeping the traditional shape in mind. You can also add or alter the shape and still keep the jewellery traditional.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan a.k.a. Big John is a witty bridal jewelry designer with a charasmatic personality that will leave you in awe. John aspires to have his own jewelry boutique in Ohio. He has been previliged to work with some of the leading bridal jewelry design brands like Bvlgari, Harry Winston & more.