Earrings For Wedding Dresses

Here are earrings that complement every neckline. Whether you opt for a sweet-heart neck or a high collar here are earrings for every bridal wear.

Many women are not of the habit of wearing earrings on a daily basis. However, they are an important accessory to complement and highlight your face. They are simple and a subtle way of drawing all the attention to the face. They can instantly add a glamour factor and increase the beauty of the wedding attire. Whether you decide to wear a v-neck or a round neck, here are some of our favourite modern-day and traditional earrings that are going strong trend-wise.


Crawler Earrings For Deep V Neckline

Deep V-necklines lengthen your torso and gives the right amount of ‘sexy’ to the attire! This sleek and stunning neckline must be paired with ear crawlers. They draw the attention to the gorgeous body and the collar bones and the elongated neck.


Stud Earrings For Halter Neckline

Halter neck dresses display your show arms and shoulders, so it is a great idea to go for a pair of diamond studs. These studs will complement the neckline and not compete or overshadow it. You can also add a pearl or a floral design to add a dash of your own personal style.


Stud Earrings For Bateau Neckline

This is a classic neckline and gives away nothing but vintage feels. Choose small stud earrings that with delicate details and crystals so that they can capture and reflect the right amount of light and sparkle.


Drop Earrings For Illusion Neckline

Illusion necklines are extremely graceful especially with intricate details such a lace or beading. Such necklines must be coupled with drop earrings that include a bit of volume and texture to complement and balance the fragility of the dress.


Mini Drop Earrings For High Collar

These earrings will adorn the aesthetics the high collar dress without overshadowing it. Opt for a vintage diamond or pearl drop earrings to elevate the regal feel and add royalty to the outfit.


Ear Jacket Earrings For Off The Shoulder

Also known as the bar-dot neckline, the off the shoulder gives an immense opportunity to experiment with statement earrings. Pair this beautiful neckline with ear-jacket earrings. These earrings hinge near the earlobe but do not stretch it. They give the effect of both stud and drop earrings. You can also add different shapes or gemstone to add a playful factor to it. Adding sapphires is a great idea to add you ‘something blue’!


Long Drop Earrings / Vertical Studs For Straight Strapless

Bring some attention to the horizontal neckline by pairing it with vertical drop earrings. These are fun and you can mix and match different lengths instead of shapes which is pretty common! These will not only look fabulous but also elongate your neck and make the face appear slimmer.


Chandelier Earrings For Sweetheart Strapless

The sweetheart neckline is a favourite of all brides! They display all the best curves of the body and complement almost every body type. Chandelier earrings coupled with this neckline will add an ultra-feminine factor to the outfit and not overshadow the colours and design of the dress.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan a.k.a. Big John is a witty bridal jewelry designer with a charasmatic personality that will leave you in awe. John aspires to have his own jewelry boutique in Ohio. He has been previliged to work with some of the leading bridal jewelry design brands like Bvlgari, Harry Winston & more.