Indian Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery is exceptional and is only meant to adorn the bride in the grandest way possible after all, it is her special day. This day marks the bride’s new journey towards making new relations, bonds and making her own family. For this reason, bridal jewellery is designed in such a way that all eyes are on the bride and only her.

The special jewellery that is meant only for her brings about the radiance and luminescence in her face. Jewellery for the bride symbolizes major traditional values and beliefs that directly affect the sentiments of the family.

The bridal jewellery set consists of various pieces of jewellery that adorn and enhance each feature of the bride to make her look beautiful than ever. Here are our top 5 Indian Bridal jewellery designs.


  1. Designer Bridal Gold Necklaces

  2. Cold is considered extremely auspicious especially, in Indian weddings. This precious metal plays a very important role in composing bridal jewellery and so, are greatly used. Gold appears grand and carries a good amount of weight which makes it fall and sit perfectly on the neck as a necklace. When a bride wears gold jewellery, all jewellery pieces can be worn together. Gold earrings, chains, necklaces, bangles, and earrings can all be paired together to create a luxurious and grand bridal set.


  3. Polki Bridal Jewellery Sets

  4. Polki jewellery consists of mined and uncut diamonds designed exclusively for bridal jewellery. It is royal and heavy and extremely grand due to the addition of diamonds in it. Polki jewellery possesses a rustic look which is why they appear slightly vintage which adds to their aesthetics. This type of bridal jewellery provides an ethnic as well as a traditional look for the traditional outfit.


  5. Bridal Gold & Kundan Sets For Wedding

  6. Kundan jewellery is very popular in Indian weddings. Due to their extravagant designs and styles, they are an excellent collection that must be opted as bridal jewellery. The bride is sure to look radiant and absolutely ravishing in this jewellery design. Kundan jewellery is a traditional Rajasthani jewellery which is composed of expensive gemstones, diamonds and gold. They commonly are found in the combination of gold, diamonds and gemstones with colours such as green, red or maroon.

    The Kundan bridal set includes jewellery pieces such as long and layered necklaces or chains or a combination of both, chokers, kamarband (waist-chain), armlets, maang tikka and bangles etc.

    Making this type of jewellery involves a lot of hard work and skilled craftsmanship of jewellery designers. Hence it is important to buy jewellery with such intricate details from a reputed jeweller.


  7. Temple Wedding Jewellery Design

  8. Temple designs are a new arrival in jewellery designs. It is a selection of gold jewellery and is extremely magnificent. They include images of different deities in Hinduism such as Lord Krishna, Laxshmi Devi etc. it is crafted with the highest skills that a jeweller could possess because the sentimental aspects of Hindus must be considered, even a little flaw could hurt their values. They are designed in such a way so as to replicate the architecture seen in the Hindu culture and temples. They are intended to be designed in such a way so that the bride appears like a Goddess herself!


  9. Ruby Wedding Jewellery Set

  10. Rubies have been used over centuries to create bridal jewellery. This type of jewellery is common among south Indian brides found in the form of their traditional, Kanjivaram styles such as sarees and other pieces of jewellery. Vintage jewellery combined with gold to create traditional jhumkas are worn by the bride. Bridal ruby sets with heavy and ling necklaces chains and earrings can make a traditional and perfect bridal look.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan a.k.a. Big John is a witty bridal jewelry designer with a charasmatic personality that will leave you in awe. John aspires to have his own jewelry boutique in Ohio. He has been previliged to work with some of the leading bridal jewelry design brands like Bvlgari, Harry Winston & more.