Stunning Jewellery At The Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are finally married! So, let’s get talking about the Royal Family and their Jewels! Here’s presenting to you our favourite looks from the A-guestlist as they bring their bling game on for the most anticipated royal wedding.


  • Meghan Markle

  • Like the 3 stone diamond engagement ring was not enough! Prince Harry bestowed his bride a wedding band made of Welsh gold. Queen Elizabeth gifted her this ring which Prince Harry presented to her. Well, the Duchess now has another ring to accompany her engagement ring.

    Prince Harry decided to wear a platinum wedding band with a smooth finish unlike his older brother Prince William who decided to drop the idea of wearing an engagement ring.

    Meghans engagement ring was made in the memory and the honour of Princess Diana. In Meghan’s 3 stone diamond engagement ring, 2 diamonds belonged to Prince Harry’s late mother’s personal jewellery collection and the remaining 1 was bought from Botswana, a country in Africa that the Prince is extremely fond of. In his recent interviews, he shared his love for the country and the fact that he feels and gets an opportunity to express himself without any worries in that country which is why it is very close to his heart.

    Meghan just like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton wore a tiara that belonged from Queen Elizabeth’s personal collection of diamond jewellery. This tiara previously belonged to Queen Mary and was a diamond Bandeau tiara. This tiara was presented to Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother as her wedding present in 1893.

    The tiara is said to have eleven sections interweaved with pearls and large and small diamonds set in a pave setting on a flexible band. The tiara stars an adaptable brooch that features 10 brilliant cut diamonds which was inherited from Queen Mary in 1953.

    To give some more royal and extremely luxurious finishing touches, Meghan concluded her bridal look by added her a touch of her personal style by adding large stud diamond earrings and a bracelet by Cartier.


  • Kitty Spencer

  • Princess Diana’s niece, Kitty Spencer adorned her neck with a whopping necklace consisting of 14 yellow diamonds and 112 colourless diamonds from Bvlgari. She also added a diamond ring and studs from this brands luxury collection.


  • Oprah

  • Oprah Winfrey had a minor wardrobe hassle. Her first outfit came off as, ‘Too white’, however, this queen of America was later seen in a Stella McCartney dress which had a pink blush colour. She paired this outfit with a white floral statement treacy hat that she had since 2005. She accessorized this outfit with a pair of oblong diamond drop earrings and a diamond ring for a royal touch.


  • Kate Middleton

  • Kate Middleton wore an Alexander McQueen three-peat dress and chose her favourite jewellery designer, Kiki McDonough to adorn accessorize and adorn her outfit. Her jewellery for the royal wedding included a large oval and pear-shaped lemon quartz stones that were surrounded by tiny diamonds.


  • Camilla

  • The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles’ wife added a blush of pink through her suit and paired it with a multi-layered pearl necklace that featured a, what looked like a pink sapphire as the centre stone. This tennis player coupled all these accessories with her very own customized Versace dress. She also added a jewellery collection from the Bvlgari heritage collection which consisted of a necklace that featured Roman Imperial gold, silver and bronze coins. It also featured diamonds in a pave setting from 1975 and a Dolce Vita brooch in an art deco style with gold and diamonds which date back to 1952.


  • Queen Elizabeth

  • This queen of the Royal family opted for a brooch that included a combination of diamonds and pearls along with a multi-layered pearl necklace and a pair of pearl stud earrings all from her personal jewellery collection to adorn her beautiful lemon coloured formal dress.


  • Priyanka Chopra

  • Priyanka, famous actress and one of Meghan’s closest friends wore a Vivienne Westwood suit and a Philip Treacy hat. She paired this outfit with a gold and diamond bolt earrings and diamond rings by Lorraine Schwartz.


Jonathan Smith

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