Tips To Choose The Right Bridal Jewellery

Once you have found your perfect wedding gown, it is jewellery time! This is an important factor as it will help accentuate your dress and your precious pride, the engagement ring. These guidelines will help you add the perfect touch to elevate your wedding dress to just another level!


  1. Matching Metals

  2. Some dresses look better when paired with different metals. This is because the tenuous colour differences in the gown complement the colours naturally found in the precious metals. Following are the dress colours that pair best with these precious metals:

    • Gold is best paired with ivory as it accentuates the velvety texture of the ivory dress.
    • Silver and platinum are best suited with pure white gowns. Opting for gold isn’t the best idea as it may collide with the brightness of the white gown.
    • Pearls are complement off-white gowns and even bright white gowns. It creates more detail and is a classic.
    • If you opt for an embellished dress then stick with its theme and accessorize accordingly. If your dress has gold lacework or pearl details then play with gold and pearls only.


  3. Less Is More

  4. Jewellery adds an instant glamour factor to the wedding dress. However, it is important to maintain balance in the outfit and the overall look that has been created. Emphasize on the dress and the engagement ring. When you decide to go jewellery shopping for the wedding day, inspect the dress thoroughly and make notes of its features. For example, if the dress consists of intricate details and a high neck, opt for stunning diamond or pearl drop earrings instead of a chain or necklace.

    Also, when you opt for earrings pay attention to your hairstyle. Make sure the earrings and the hairstyle complement instead of overpowering each other or the look may come across as gaudy. Finally, make sure that your jewellery and the design of the dress are not too similar or it may seem too matchy.


  5. Consider A Deep Neckline

  6. For a distinct look, focus on the earrings more than the necklace. A stunning pair of diamond necklace whether chandelier or drop style coupled with different gemstones can really compliment the dress and bring a fun factor instead of being traditional and tedious. You can also couple it with sapphires which could be your something blue!

    For a V-neckline the decision is in your hands whether you would prefer a choker or a pendant. A delicate chant with a beautiful diamond or gemstone pendant, a chain with a string of pearls or a diamond choker are perfect options depending on the look you want. These choices remain constant as long as the specified neckline is.


  7. Comfort

  8. When you decide to the specific jewellery items that you are going to wear on the wedding day, keep in mind that these are going to be worn for long, long periods of time. Consider the fact that you may move around with these pieces of jewellery, so make sure they do not weigh you down. Choose comfort over anything. You don’t want to seem worn out or uncomfortable on your wedding day!


  9. Play Safe

  10. It is an exciting day but do not rush with making decisions just because you want to try something new and it seems to suit you. It may complement your face shape or skin colour but it may not do the same with the dress. Your wedding day is a day to stick with what you know unless it is tried and tested. The motto for that day is to look beautiful and bring out the best of the style that you know and have adapted.


Jonathan Smith

Jonathan a.k.a. Big John is a witty bridal jewelry designer with a charasmatic personality that will leave you in awe. John aspires to have his own jewelry boutique in Ohio. He has been previliged to work with some of the leading bridal jewelry design brands like Bvlgari, Harry Winston & more.